Optimism, to an investor, is definitely proverbial. As if that is not enough, it often is even perpetual. Rarely, do successful investors start predicting doom.

As a not-so-great year is winding down, we find most investor-led narratives about 2019 to be ranging from pragmatic to optimistic. This runs contrary to the negative narrative we read in the pink papers and among the economic intelligentsia. The snooty and mighty columnists see the markets as somewhat ignorant and unrealistic in its expectations. While judging market valuations, they tend to come across as condescending and cautionary. But, when have the economic intelligentsia ever got it right on markets? Hardly ever is what memory tells us.

So, the markets continue to feed on perpetual optimism. Investors see the opportunity of new dawn just when darkness descends on the night. The intelligentsia, meanwhile wager their time analysing what a terrible night it is turning out to be.

Winning investors certainly know the potential of optimism and what the worst case could be. The sense we are getting as we bid goodbye to 2018 is that global investors and marquee investors are being optimistic about our economy’s future. They see the markets more positively than the media.

The words of Colin Powell are apt to describe why investors are so gung-ho. They know from experience that “ Perpetual optimism is a force Multiplier”. More power to your investing in 2019.

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