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Workshop Objectives

Our workshops are customized for our audiences whether they are corporates or a group of working professionals. Personal finance can seem heavy and tough to navigate – the guiding hand of an expert could nudge one in the right direction. Our objective is to make personal finance accessible to everyone through real life, relatable examples. We empower people to make better financial choices by applying the principles of financial planning. If you want to make sense of your investment choices, plan for a better future, and understand how to manage your money better our workshops could be the right steppingstone in your wealth creation journey.

Financial inclusion is essential for financial wellbeing. We customize our workshops to suit corporates, working professionals, and entrepreneurs.


Workshops for the Month – October 2020

Workshop Title Date Time (IST) Venue
Here’s the Plan: Your Financial Success 10 October 2020 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon Webinar
(Registrations Closed)
PMS vs MF (or) PMS + MF | A New Way to Look at Equity Investing 17 October 2020 04.00 PM to 05.00 PM Webinar
(Registrations Closed)
Which Regime Will Rule You? 24 October 2020 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM Webinar – Register Now
Impact Investing with ithought 31 October 2020 04.00 PM to 05.00 PM Webinar – Register Now
  • Our mission is to work with growing and established corporates to promote financial literacy. As an employer, financial planning could improve the financial wellbeing of your employees. Financial security for your employees translates into lower stress levels and better organisational productivity.
  • When employees manage their financial resources better - they feel more confident about their work life, financing their commitments, and retirement. When employees are financially secure, they're able to focus on delivering their best at work. One small step on your end today could mean leaps for your organisation.

We organize personal finance workshops and boardrooms at our office to tackle relevant subjects in personal finance. Our workshops are segmented according to:

  • Financial needs - such as debt management or tax planning;
  • Demographics - exclusive workshops for millennials, kids, and women;
  • Financial Goals - Retirement Planning

Stay tuned to our workshop calendar to reserve your seat!

Benefits of Attending

Financial Awareness

Regardless of whether you’re a homemaker, a young working professional, or a retiree, financial literacy is no longer an option. You need to know your options and make your money work for you.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is far more complex than before. Inflation, life expectancy, and rising standards of living, are only few of the many factors you need to consider. Relying solely on retirement benefits is not enough. A lot more work goes into early retirement than meets the eye.

Financial Decision Making

Most of us tend to make financial decisions without looking at the big picture. A haphazard approach leaves gaps that don’t fit into the larger plan. Prioritization can be tricky. Yet, making the right choices at the right time ensures that things go according to plan and you pass every financial milestone with abundant ease.

Workshop Structure

Our personal finance workshops have the unique feature of being accessible. We cater to non-finance professionals by using relatable examples to illustrate more complex theoretical financial concepts. We cover each aspect of financial planning to provide a structured overview of the personal finance spectrum.


Most of us want to know where we stand. Our workshops allow you to review your financial progress. You can even schedule a one on one discussion with our award-winning financial planners at no additional cost.