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Investing In Equity Mutual Funds

Our process works on minimizing investment risk while ensuring we capture opportunities early. The ithought process naturally takes to value investing. This ensures that we cap the downside and optimise the upside. Our process has stood the test of time.

Your investment journey with ithought will be nuanced and aligned to the future. For us, past performance is not an indicator of future potential. We identify investments to help you achieve your wealth creation objectives.

Investing In Debt Funds

Despite being more tax-efficient, accessible, and remunerative than fixed deposits, conservative investors are wary of debt mutual funds. Many have learned the hard way that credit ratings are not sacrosanct and that debt funds are nothing like fixed deposits. SEBI’s reclassification of mutual fund categories has helped clear the air. But products and categories are still nuanced because debt as an asset class works in cycles.

The role of fixed income is to protect capital and preserve wealth. No fixed income product is “hold to eternity”. You can no longer buy an investment and forget about it. Instead, you can choose us as an adviser and sleep better at night.

Investments For NRI in India

NRI’s can choose between real estate, equity shares, mutual funds, and fixed deposits. Countries like the US have restrictive rules on investing outside the country for tax residents. Whereas other countries may be more liberal. Some general rules may apply to NRIs, but their resident and tax status determine the most suitable products.

Here’s a quick reckoner on the advantages and disadvantages of the different asset classes.

Asset Advantages Disadvantages
Real Estate Low volatility or change in price. Traditional investment choice Illiquid, high maintenance, and opaque price discovery mechanism.
Gold Safe and scarce. Traditional investment choice. Long investment cycle
Equity Shares Long-term wealth creation under professional guidance. Transparent price discovery. Volatile instrument in the short to medium duration.
Mutual Funds Liquid with transparent price discovery. Most suitable investment for asset allocation. High TDS and several options to choose from.
Fixed Deposits Fixed regular returns which are usually guaranteed. May not beat inflation in the long run
Currency/ Cash Stable investment Limited scope for returns

A financial adviser can help NRIs make the most use of the:

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