Who We are

We are an investment advisory firm based out of Chennai. We are one of a handful of SEBI registered investment advisors (INA200004276) in India. Our focus is on catering to clients by providing them with customized solutions through investor friendly products that diversify risk. We have positioned ourselves to manage wealth creation objectives through investments in mutual funds.



Investment Advisory

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Financial Planning

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What Differentiates Us

Investing often appears to be complex, but the best ideas are straightforward. At ithought, we endeavour to leverage our expertise to serve clients in a transparent manner. We often notice that investors shy away from managing their wealth either because it appears too complicated or because they don’t have enough time. Alternatively, they tend to make investment decisions in a haphazard manner following advice from friends, colleagues, or family. This does not always yield the best results and can even be counterproductive to long-term wealth creation objectives. Our mission is to provide expert guidance, keeping your best interests at the centre of your financial decisions. We work to a transparent and investor friendly model. You can be assured that we are here for the long run, both in our professional relationship and in our investment advice.



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