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Sphere is a time-tested holistic investment solution for the risk and return-conscious investor. We’ve translated our learnings from how market cycles work into a portfolio management service.



Multi Asset Quit

We built Sphere using our top 3 lessons from how markets work:

We tend to prioritize timing the market, pursuing complexity, and benchmarking performance. As wealth grows, investors believe that only complexity leads to performance. So we lose sight of the bigger picture and the success formula that got us to where we are today.

Investment success is repeatable. All it takes are a few simple things: asset allocation, simple financial products, systematic participation, fair fee structures, and consistent compounding.

Most investors want a place to save consistently for retirement. They would like to see all their investment decisions in one place. This allows them to transparently measure participation and performance. Moreover, investors want to experience stress free investing. Asset allocation and multi asset investing is one way to make all of this happen. Sphere is committed to delivering a stress-free transparent and performance oriented investment experience.


High conviction investing pms

We know that time tested strategies beat back tested models. Sphere was born out of a decade of real results from our RIA practice. This isn’t a back-tested model based on hypothetical situations. Sphere has weathered the market’s many moods to become a proven investment solution.

Multi Asset PMS

Sphere combines sophistication with simplicity. Our multi asset PMS retains the sophistication of diverse investment options while simplifying decisions for savvy investors like you. No more overwhelming choices, just a streamlined approach to wealth creation.

360-Degree Investing:
What if you had all your investment ideas in one place? It becomes easy to know what you own, measure how you’re doing, and decide where to invest next. Sphere brings together stocks, ETFs, global assets, and more.

All weather investing PMS:
Imagine never having to worry about where to invest or when to invest. At Sphere, we identify interesting ideas, nurture conviction in contrarian themes, and position each theme within your portfolio. This allows you to participate at the right time in the right places.


Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund PMS

Sphere has a flexible mandate that adapts to changing market conditions. Sphere follows a dynamic asset allocation process.

Fixed Fee PMS

Sphere is cost effective. Investors often worry about complex fee structures and paying too much for performance. We keep it simple and investor friendly. Sphere charges a fixed fee of 1.5% p.a. of AUM (assets under management) with no exit load.

No Exit Load PMS

Sphere suits investors with a moderate risk appetite and a long-term horizon (5 to 7 years). It’s the sweet spot for retirement planning and funding long-term goals. Sphere has no exit load and allows investors access to their savings at any point in the market cycle.


Sphere is an all-weather portfolio built to last. At its core, Sphere reflects the philosophies of asset allocation, value investing, and contrarianism. This core philosophy ensures that investors manage risk effectively, aim for higher-quality returns, and participate in winning investment themes.
The easiest way to weather a storm is to be outside of it. Asset Allocation protects your investment portfolio from the most turbulent parts of the market.
Value investing never goes out of style. Buying at the right valuations cushions portfolios from the downside. As a bonus, there’s more room for performance when valuations normalise. The value-conscious investor achieves better risk-adjusted returns.
The safest way to make returns is to chart your path, rather than following the crowd. Contrarian investing is about discovering opportunities outside the popular market choices. The road less travelled is enjoyable.

SPHERE Performance - June 2024


Minimum investment
₹ 50,00,000
NSE Multi-Asset Index 1
Exit Terms
Fixed fee of 1.5% p.a. of AUM computed on daily average portfolio value charged on a quarterly basis. All other expenses at Actuals. (Fees Excl. GST).
Asset Allocation
Equity: 0-100% Mutual Funds: 0-100%
ETF: 0-100% Global Funds: 0-100%
Gold: 0-100% Cash/Liquid bees/Liquid funds: 0-100%
Single Stock Exposure
Not to exceed 25% of the total NAV of the portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SPHERE meant for?

SPHERE is meant for an investor who wants to take advantage of thematic opportunities. These thematic opportunities may appear in the form of sectors, geographies, or even assets. SPHERE suits the cost conscious and disciplined investor. SPHERE fee structure: Fixed fee of 1.5% p.a. of AUM computed on daily average portfolio value charged on a quarterly basis. All other expenses at Actuals. (Fees Excl. GST). SPHERE is the ideal product to grow your retirement nest egg and is suitable for all investors keen on long-term wealth creation.

How does SPHERE pick investment themes?
We follow a top-down approach to investing. This process involves tracking global macros and finding undervalued pockets of the market. Our approach to thematic investing is contrarian in nature. We believe that entering and exiting early is an excellent way to manage risk.
When is a good time to invest in SPHERE?
The investment flexibility that SPHERE offers ensures that it’s always a good time to invest. At any point in the market cycle, there will be an opportunity to invest in at least one asset class – be it equity, commodities, precious metals, or fixed income. We follow a theme focused approach to asset allocation. The ideal SPHERE investor has a minimum investment horizon of five years.
What does SPHERE do differently?
What makes SPHERE unique is the power of thematic investing. The best way to invest in a theme may be through a few undervalued individual securities or a basket in the form of a mutual fund or ETF. So, the SPHERE portfolio consists of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. It maintains an equity focus, with the flexibility to move into other asset classes whenever market opportunities arise. SPHERE also helps consolidate your investment decisions into one product.
Why should you invest in SPHERE?

SPHERE allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Peter Lynch aptly called diversification as di-worse-ification. At SPHERE, we’ll help you reap the benefits of diverse product offerings without losing focus. SPHERE is an all-in-one investment product suitable for long-term wealth creation.

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