A mutual fund is an investment tool which enables people to invest money together into a professionally managed fund consisting of a pool of securities to maximise returns. There are Mutual Fund Advisors who help you pick funds suited for your needs i.e. capital appreciation, regular payouts, capital preservation, etc. It may be wise to delegate this responsibility to a professional, given that an individual may find it hard to manage time, take tactical calls, and have a 360-degree understanding of the markets. A dedicated Mutual Fund Advisor or an Investment Advisor may be well suited to fulfil these responsibilities.

There are several advantages to investing money in mutual funds. Firstly, equity mutual funds have the potential to beat inflation over a longer period. In the long run, debt mutual funds are more tax efficient. You can start investing money even with a meagre sum of ₹ 500. Additionally, your investments are highly liquid in nature enabling instant redemptions if need be within one to three working days. It is also a diversification tool as it invests in multiple assets. The details of the fund are all transparent and disclosed openly. The industry is also regulated by SEBI and AMFI.

With regards to transacting in this space, there are various portals which enable this to be done online. With a qualified Mutual Fund Advisor by your side, you could hardly go wrong.

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