Outlast euphoria. Or it will out beat you.

The challenge in life is knowing what’s next. – Walter Schloss.

Quick edit:

The stock markets mirrored the IPL season in the way it played out. Every day had its great moments and there was never a bad day. Indeed, these two months saw only happy days in the stock markets too. In IPL ,the batsman had to go out , pick their bowlers and go straight after them, Investors had to simply pick their stocks and go after them by just buying aggressively. The scores kept piling up in both places. IPL is over. So is the T20 phase of investing in the stock markets. It is time for some vintage test cricket. Investors must slow themselves down, play straight, pick the weak bowlers and play for the long haul. The changing rhythm is what one must readjust to and that will be the survival strategy. Investors often commit the folly of playing the same way despite the context changing. Being aware of the change in the investment context is what an investor must focus upon now.

Investment Strategy: Build cash. Invest slowly. Stay calm.

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