Buy the Dip

The twin killers of success are impatience and greed. ~ Jim Rohn

A friend told me markets won’t correct because everybody expects it to. A few weeks passed. Then, he changed track and told me that nobody expects the markets to correct. The next day, the markets corrected. The markets have a way of disproving certainties wrong and uncertainties right in our investment thinking. It is almost a rule in the stock markets to expect the unexpected. Forgetting that rule can be at your own peril. The spectacular post election rally has finally taken a breather. The coming week will test the investment conviction in the India story. When global cues are indicating trouble, our markets need to show strength. Alternately, they simply will be coupled. Mostly, decoupling works only when there are speculative capital flows. The market’s behaviour in the coming week will expose the nature of investment flows into India. Watch this space.

Investment strategy: Avoid taking a short term view. Look at a 3 Year investment horizon.

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