India- On the road to recovery.

Let not speculation drive your investment. Investment should rise above it.

Quick Edit:

We always believe it is our investment knowledge that delivers results for us. We overly emphasise on our ability to analyse, sort and select. We think too much of analysis and too little about behaviour. But, long years in the market teach us that while analysis is essential, behaviour is what delivers big. Everybody knows the big ideas. Few handle them well. Handling involves how one copes with himself and with the vagaries of the market. The power of our investment ideas seldom changes drastically. But, our behaviour tends to fluctuate with the market. How we deal with our investing behaviour is what we need to focus upon now. Buying great ideas is not rocket science and easy to do for any of us. Holding them for very long and doing nothing is a much tougher job. We need to condition our minds to develop the right behaviour to help our investing succeed big. Good times test our investment behaviour as much as bad times do. When we see bad news or when the good news fails to meet our current expectations, it is time to condition our behaviour. We need to prepare to invest in the toughest of times if we are to be rewarded in the good times. Good times don’t happen in haste and take inordinate time in the making. What we see now is the end of the worst times. The best of times is a long way off for equity. That is good news for those who are under invested in equity and need to correct their asset allocation. The story has just begun to take direction.

Investment strategy: Board the equity omnibus when it slows down.

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