Budgets Come & Go

When euphoria is near, it is the time to fear.

Investors have one perpetual weakness. We actually lack the ability to handle growth. When investments return big, portfolios grow. Investors are often unprepared for portfolio growth. Talking of preparation, investors often get very disturbed by success. In fact, success affects investors even more than failure. Handling becomes a crisis that investors fail to even read or acknowledge. Preparation for success is essential. Even if success comes to you when you least expect it, an investor must regain composure, adapt and take stock. The market surge has brought a success moment in a long time for investors. We need to take stock and prepare to achieve greater scale in the coming years of India’s economic recovery. The recent growth in our investments must not be harvested in a hurry. Nobody, cuts their trees after the first harvest.

Investment strategy: Ignore events. Focus on Value.


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