Your road map to wealth

Imagine. You just hit 30.

You’ve worked 8 years in good jobs. Pay packs expanded through the period. Lifestyles were improving all through. You broke away from the tough struggles of life and found what you wanted. In fact, you always found what you wanted.

It is the time to take stock of what you have accumulated from your success. You try gathering the pieces. A white paper is handy. A vertical line divides assets and borrowings. To your credit, you have a house. Against it stands a huge loan. You have some PPF money lying which your father recommended. You got a mandatory list of wedding jewellery. Marriage did it for you.

Your savings bank is carrying a few months salary. You aren’t yet thinking of how you will put it to work. You see the cash in bank as a contingency reserve. You use plastic money to spend. At times you don’t pay the bills on the date when the payments fall due. Interest accrues on your expenses. You pay high interest on your expenses. You have a few scattered insurance policies. In fact they are ULIPS and money back policies. You don’t exactly know for sure if they are the best insurance ideas for you.

The thought of what you want to make out of your money hasn’t got the right attention from you. You think its not so cool to be gold crazy. But your wife thinks buying gold is better than doing nothing. Buying real estate hasn’t crossed your mind. This is you at moment. It is the way you have been. But, this moment is about change. You need to shift gears. You Know what is happening is not right. You need to find out the way forward. The crossroads have arrived. You need to change track and move along.

A game plan is what you need. Wealth creation is not a chain of random events. It is about a method. Getting yourself a method is the need of the hour. The ithought way is all about method investing. It is an investment process which works constantly to create wealth for every investor who places his faith and trust.

Join the ithought way to begin the crossover to wealth.

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