Wanderlust is in the millennial DNA. The millennial dream is to expand, explore, and experience through travel. The millennial bucket list is filled with places to see, things to do, and cuisines to savor. It is well known that millennials would rather spend money on travel than on a house or car. So, globe-trotting is an ingrained millennial aspiration that must be fulfilled.

Some millennial travelers seek adventure. They would rather wander without worrying where they’re going next. The idea is to revel in the journey. Others prefer a more concrete course with a clear itinerary. Regardless of your style, your journey requires preparation. The thrill of travel is that things could work out differently than you imagined.

Sticking to a budget during vacation is a thumb rule. But, could a millennial do more to prepare?

Imagine that you fell sick or were involved in an accident and needed medical attention. Or your connecting flight was canceled. Or that the airline lost your luggage. This could burn a hole in your budget if you had to pay out of pocket. Should a millennial be forced to compromise on experience because of the unexpected?

Travel Insurance could be every millennial wayfarer’s best friend. It offers financial security from medical emergencies, personal liabilities, cancellations, and damages. Insure and be sure with travel insurance!

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