When Cash is King

There are times in the cycle when markets go nowhere. Dubbed “sideward markets” this phase in the markets could see stock process slowly trend down. Typical symptoms of such an impending phase is the pipeline of IPO’s, OFS’s, private placements and disinvestment. Capital raising by several players mops up money faster than investors channel them into equity. This creates a scarcity of inflows of money. Markets inevitably correct during such phases. When markets head into such a phase, investors are often ill-prepared to take advantage of more attractive stock prices. A simple approach to being prepared is advised. Keep enough liquidity that can be invested steadily at every dip. Your holding costs will dip significantly as you buy cheap. Constantly replenishing your cash pile would help you invest larger sums during every correction.

Time, patience & money are the tripods of sensible, intelligent investing.

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