What is Value?

Investors who are closely adhering to the principles of value will always seek where they can find value. This search for value is constant. While seeking and searching for value, they would identify themes and sectors where the markets are not perceiving growth. By being early entrants into such opportunities, they hope to capture growth in the portfolio. At the time of buying, they seek value that exists only in pockets. Investors will look for opportunities in those pockets.

However, not all pockets of value can contribute to future growth. Some pockets remain without change. There are some pockets where valuations change. Investors must seek those pockets of value where fortunes are down and will always bounce back. By taking advantage of such pockets of mispricing, investors can participate in them over the long term.

The current scenario is a tricky one. We believe that the markets will present more opportunities, and the number of pockets will only increase. Investors must show diligence and patience in investing in the right pockets. Choices must be discerning. We are heading into a time that will present a lot of choices. Investors need to ensure to invest in the right places and find pockets of deep value.

This market will give you more opportunities and finding the right pocket of value is going to be a laborious one.

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