We needn’t do what the FII’s do.

What should we expect from the markets? Should we wait even to decide what our expectations should be? We see investors getting more indecisive. Ironically, Indian investors get indecisive exactly when global investors get very decisive. Global investors believe other emerging markets are relatively more attractive than India. So, they have chosen to shift money. But, do Indian investors have that choice? Alternatives look just as risky. So, the dilemma has started to set in. But, following global investors is not a bright idea. Indians have most of our money invested within our country. We need to only decide how we allocate it. Given the promise and eventual revival prospects, equity has to be a preferred asset class. Let the FII’s do their bidding. Let us do our own thing.

iwiz: “You can’t predict. You can prepare. .” –Howard Marks

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