Your seat belts sign is on. Please stay seated until further instructions. “Haven’t we heard this before when a flight we took hit air pockets? The Indian economy has hit an air pocket. The monsoon which is beyond the control of governments threatens to play truant. What is in store? Are we going to simply buckle down? Simply put this isn’t the first bad monsoon. Just that we had decent monsoons over the past few years. This monsoon comes after two bad crops. Our summer crop (Kharif) saw poor prices. The winter crop (Rabi) saw unprecedented crop damage due to unseasonal rains. Farm stress has dampened people’s sentiments. But then, this economic recovery has to cross several air pockets like bank clean up, corruption related clean ups and more. There will be several alerts when you must sit still and relax. There is one difference though between an investing journey and a long flight. While you simply sit still on a long flight, on an investing journey you could quickly make a few smart moves that will significantly benefit you. You need not sit still. Even if you do sit still, you will end up finishing a great journey. Surely, trying to jump off takes you nowhere in both journeys.

Investing is like a marathon. Race the pace.

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