My best investing lesson was when our family started setting up a mango orchard. We went about scientifically constructing the place and the planting went fine. Then, we had unexpected weather. The plants died in numbers. We relentlessly replanted. Tended to the plants for four years with great care. The plants took a lot from us and gave nothing during this phase. They were finding their growth. Then, in the fifth year, we started seeing the results. By year six, we saw good yields, and you can call it a bounty if you like. The mindset we cultivated during this phase was a great teacher. Our outlook to growth and evolution changed completely bringing zen-like patience into play. We knew we were up against odds which we could not control. We needed to patiently cross each phase so we live on to enjoy the next one. And, we lived on optimism that at one phase, our wait would be worth every moment.

The current investment setting seems perfectly similar. It is going to be a fresh economic start for the world. Imagine you are curating a portfolio that is like an orchard. It will need to find growth nutrients and nourish itself on fresh economic growth. Every investment decision is like a tree and needs regular nurturing. We can provide money regularly through our investing, and the economy will give the supplements. It is certain to see challenges for some time. Some decisions can face very rough weather. If we give it our care and attention during this growth phase, we are likely to grow our investing better. And, when it is time to reap a great harvest, we should own enough of the best trees. For now, the focus is on building healthy trees in a bigger orchard.

P.S. – My portfolio grew quietly during the phase we built the orchard. All I did was bring the same mindset into growing my wealth. The harvest was doubly rewarding.

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