The power of prescience is not something that is easy to practice in our investing. Knowing something in advance can be unfair advantage if it is from knowledgeable sources. So being fair and prescient at the same time is very important. But, there always is the option to independently anticipate what can happen. It was fairly easy to say that ING Vysya bank would someday be acquired by a better bank. Being prescient is always possible. An investor can visualise what can happen beforehand, validate one’s expectations and then wait for events to unfold. In an event driven stock market like India, a lot can happen in one’s Portfolio if we use the power of prescience well. In fact, it is the only way to make our investing proactive. There is a lot that can be done now applying the power of prescience. An array of positive events will unfold over the next two or three years in our economy. There is no better time to use the power of prescience. But, that would mean a lot of application, homework, anticipation, arriving at a thesis and active validation. This is going to be a constant pursuit. But, the power of prescience is going to be a very interesting and positive investment driver hereon.

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  • by Saumya Khichariya
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    Sir, excellent blog post as always. But miss the usual podcast with you voice adding much more weight on the words in the mind of reader.kindly consider sir for future.thankx

    • by ithought
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      Good Morning!
      Thank you for your feedback. Since this month, we have been posting videos on our YouTube channel. Here is the link to this week’s video on ‘Results Season’ by Mr Shyam – Do watch the video.

      Thank you.

      -Team ithought

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