As we write, INDIA wins its first track and field Olympic gold medal. Gold has its own lure and the Indian psyche has a special place for it.

This post is not about the medal but about the gold that it is associated with. As everything else gains value, gold seems to be somewhat out of place in an investor’s mind. Just like the way the medal came out of the blue, gold as an investment will also see an unexpected turn of events. An investor can never time this event. The only way to participate is to be ready, present and early.

Investors seem unprepared for success with gold. As other asset classes become overvalued, it may be time to look at one’s asset allocation, increase exposure to gold, bet on the beneficiaries of a revival in gold prices and be fully prepared. Being investment ready and staying invested is the only way to succeed in gold investing. When the moment is before you, you must be ready to strike gold with gold.

Investors must make sure that they get the right asset allocation, with gold getting its rightful place in it.

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