Preparing for retirement is a complex task. It requires a significant amount of consideration, calculation, and planning. For any retirement plan to be effective, it must receive continuous attention and should be diligently executed. Here is a straightforward three-step approach to retirement.

Retirement Goals

One must have a clear picture of their retirement goals. A timeline of goals along with the retirement milestone needs to be drafted. More importantly, there must be a reasonable level of clarity on the expected lifestyle and financial commitments post-retirement.

Retirement Calculator

The next step in your scrub plan is to actually compute your retirement needs. At this stage, it’s important to work with a financial planner who has insights into inflation and life expectancy trends. Working with a financial planner can also help you set realistic return estimates for investments prior to and post-retirement.

Asset Allocation

To put it simply, asset allocation is the appropriate distribution of wealth across different investments. Every asset class has its own features and carries a different level of risk. Prior to retirement, the asset mix can be oriented towards growth. As you near retirement, the focus can shift towards wealth preservation. Post-retirement, the assets should fulfill income generation needs. Asset allocation in a retirement plan needs to be dynamically managed. It is best to do this under the guidance of an investment advisor.

Ultimately, professional guidance in this process cash ensures that you are retirement ready.

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