This is a season of information hyperactivity. We have politics, elections, conflicts, monsoon, and global volatility on our information agenda. Personality adds a bigger dimension to information.

In the midst of all the hype, we are getting ready for a larger trend to develop – that is, the FII outlook and strategy for India. 2019 is seeing the return of FIIs. It may be early days yet to call it a trend and we still need to take it one day at a time. But, the risk of being slow in catching the trend is real and looming.

The markets seem in a hurry to discount bad news. And, that most important signal to investors. If the markets discount bad news quickly and put them behind, they probably will turn euphoric when they hear good news.

So, what should an investor be doing now? Investors must be ready to adapt their strategy to the emerging market scenario. Global investors may not buy the winning stocks of 2017-18. Instead, they may buy a new set of stocks. Investors who adapt themselves quickly will be the big winners. Importantly, showing greater conviction in equity now is the key

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