Re-allocate money. Right-size equity book.

It’s a long and winding road from skepticism to euphoria.

We are at a time when investor’s are wondering which way different asset classes will move? Crossroads is the perfect word. Will equity sustain the rise? Can real estate prices rebound? Is gold showing the strength to recover? The investor predicament is compounded by their present asset profile. Most investors have real estate dominating their wealth with a 70% plus weightage. Liquid wealth is actually minimal. Most incremental liquidity seems to find its way into illiquid wealth. Building & strategising liquid wealth should be the priority of every investor. If you can gradually rebuild your liquid wealth with the right mix, your weath creation will be able to withstand the shocks in any one asset class. The priority is to de-risk. Liquid wealth will give you better returns for sure. The choice is between equity, bonds, gilts, and gold. Choose wisely.

Investment strategy: Buy gradually. Get your pace right.

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