Practice patience

Time, patience & money are the tripods of sensible, intelligent investing.

“India’s tryst with destiny” has been a work in progress from the times of its first public proponent, Pt. Nehru. We have been very slow in moving to make our destiny. Several so called exercises in democracy have almost unmade the journey, halted it in its tracks and shaken believers in the India story. But, the very same democracy also knows the answers to our problems. A clear mandate was one important answer. We will see many more answers coming in the future. Our destiny has changed from the Nehruvian era. We are a market economy no matter who rules. Reforms are chugging along with our rulers understanding how to keep them on a roll. Incremental change is the way to go. Our tryst with destiny will happen. Over the next few years we will see India and China seen differently from the way we perceive them now. That will make a great difference to investment outcomes. To not believe in the India story now could well trip an investor’s tryst with destiny. That would be something every one of us who waited for years will be loathe to do. Citizens should be the first believers and the primary keepers of National faith. We become what we believe.

Investment Strategy: What your investing need now is patience & persistence.

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