Playing the waiting game to rush

The stock investor should be like the solitary reaper. Doing your own thing as your mind tells you. Oblivious of the world. Tuning up `numbers’ of a different kind. Totally focused on your work. Waiting for the day when your wait will end. Accepting that the D-day may be anytime-near or far. The game is all about waiting. When the wait ends, it will be a rush to work.

Work could be anytime and anywhere. Actually, it could even be everywhere. You can’t stop yourself from thinking through something that hits you. In a business that is all about ideas, you must just LET IT BE. Where do you go looking for ideas? You go nowhere. Actually, the ideas just come to you. You simply play the receiver and host.

My memory goes to where I got my best ideas. Strangely, my best thoughts were always when I was vacationing. Vacation somehow doubles up as ideas time. But, try writing down your ideas when you are in a swimming pool or on a roller coaster. Turning an idea into an opportunity is a market-centric thing. you may like an investment idea. But, there should be a willing seller. The trick is to find willing sellers and close deals. You must know your moment. And, simply seize it. Strangely, the moment will present itself before you when you are least prepared. You must simply take it will all you have. I would always be buying big on vacation. No, it’s not something like you watch in the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi du bara’. It’s not about compulsive workaholism. Sometimes, things just happen when you are not expecting them to.

I will be a fool to stop them. If you did, chances are that when you go in search of them again, they will be gone. Opportunity always gets taken in the stock Market. If it doesn’t get taken, mostly it will not be the best one. In fact, it may not even be worth it. But, the best ones always get taken. The world is filled with more people of the smarter kind than we think.

While playing the waiting game, one must prepare himself for the rush moment. The homework should be done, the money lines should be kept open, the powder should be dry, your thought clarity must be worked upon and a state of alert must be established. You will then know your rush moment when it comes. Nothing will stop you. All you need to do is to go with the flow.

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