Opportunity Awaits

Diwali to Diwali we have had a very sombre Samvat. We are entering the new Samvat on a note of caution. Our expectations are clearly running low. We sense trouble from global markets. We are aware that inflation must be tamed within a reasonable time horizon. We respect the unknown unknowns, which can affect equity investing as the housing bubble did.

In a holistic sense, an equity investor today is far more sorted out than a decade ago. He understands gestation much better and knows that opportunities will come during the wait. Taking advantage of these opportunities when they come by should be the investor’s priority. Such opportunities do not give too much time to act upon them. The investor needs to prepare as he waits and act when he needs to.

The new Samvat will be a year of waiting, opportunity and action. Investors who position themselves correctly will utilize the coming Samvat effectively, and take their investing to the next level. Investors who did not find the opportunity attractive enough in the last Samvat will find their calling in the new Samvat.

As inflation worries and global troubles are dealt with by the world, equity opportunities will be prised open for the investor.

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