The missed bus may stop by

Opportunity keeps knocking at an investors’ door. Investors with a keen ear are always quick to latch onto opportunity. The majority however mostly remain oblivious of opportunity and only realise it has passed by long after the event. Should the majority believe that the market’s attractive opportunities are not for them? Should they just let their investing stay ordinary? Investors must make it a point to participate in every opportunity thrown at them by the market’s extreme volatility. It is hardly difficult to be in a state of preparation. All it needs is for cash to be kept in a state of readiness. This will ensure investments can be swiftly made when the market’s throw opportunity the next time. Given the global volatility, greed and fear are bound to alternate. While they rise and fall in cycles, an investor must ensure his decisions are always contrarian to the market’s greed and fear. When the market’s show a tendency to run ahead of the economy, corrections offer the investor another opportunity to catch up with the market bus. The missed bus should not be missed forever. Boarding it when it slows down is the smart thing to do now.

Things always become obvious after the fact.”- Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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