Searching actively for new ideas in a broadly overvalued market does not mean compromising on our investment principles. Active pursuit of investment opportunities is a constant activity for investors, professionals and individuals alike. There is no escaping that activity. But performing that activity responsibly is the duty of every one of us. We are our own masters in that game, and we need to guide ourselves constantly.

This is the most critical challenge faced by us in every bull run, especially when we are working hard and yet find fewer areas of comfort. This is where a well-defined comfort zone helps us play within ourselves and stick to our investment principles giving utmost importance to discipline.

Today’s Market only underlines the need to know our own comfort zone and be more self-aware. That awareness will help us work hard, study new opportunities, prepare ourselves better, and attain a state of investment readiness. This readiness will help us invest very selectively and make exceptions to invest only in compelling opportunities. This would any day be a better way of managing ourselves than simply watching the markets rise with our own spiking anxiety bothering us.

A cool head will help us focus exactly on what we need and to ignore the market noise. This is a time to keep cool, focus where you need to, work hard and manage yourself better. That’s how you will manage your investments more objectively and responsibly.

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