When soldiers are out at battle, they’re on high alert to act on a moment’s notice. Guns are effective only if the gunpowder is dry. The market context that we’re living through requires alertness. A correction will call for battle-ready skills.

There is a risk in going ‘all-out’ now. In the pursuit of finding a good investment, investors may forget the most important thing. That having money ready for investments is just as important as having a great investment.

Did you miss investing during the market bottoms of March and April 2020? The biggest takeaway is that you must always have cash ready. Having liquidity gives you an edge. You have the flexibility to direct your investments anywhere. You have the ability to grab on to compelling opportunities. And you are prepared for the next market bottom. The trouble with market bottoms is that we don’t know when they’ll happen. It could be imminent or looming.

In the meantime, keep your powder dry.

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