Budget 2020 gives nothing much to the investor. In fact, it takes more than it gives. Taxable income of investors is certain to rise irrespective of their wealth growing. Now, that is something most investors have not experienced for 23 years. But, paying taxes is hardly an issue with investors.

What investors need is growth. If we get growth back, the economy will expand adequately creating opportunities for employment, trade, business, and investment. The government needs to create a conducive ecosystem for this to materialise. Budgets often take away investor attention from what’s going on in critical areas. Tax proposals achieve the task of mobbing mind space.

This year’s budget clearly does not signal smartly and a whole lot of people will either fail to read the economic signals or get them wrong. Investors need to focus on what is going on to bring growth back. Investing must be singularly focused, patient, and persistent in these extraordinarily dramatic times.

Surely, these are not going to be easy times to grow one’s investing.

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