Is the Wait Over?

The cash call is the most difficult thing for an investor to take. To leave a party where the excitement soars endlessly is more than just difficult. It is impossible. To achieve the impossible, one has to rise above the ordinary. To sell when everybody else around you talks only of buying is seldom easy. Yet, that is the only way to raise your investing to the next level. If you learn to walk away from the herd, you have merely begun a new journey. But, make no mistake that it is merely a beginning. There is much to do beyond taking a cash call. First, there is the waiting phase. Then, there is the bigger responsibility of investing the money back. It has to be done sensibly. The wait to invest the money back must be just right. Waiting is not one’s core business. One must remember this all the time. Only then, one will ensure he does well in his core business- Investing. While the time to take a cash call has been well put behind, the time to wait is nearing its end. The time to be investing is near. The cash call, the waiting and investing are the three stages of outlier investing. It is not yet time to recognise outlier investing. It is the time to practise the last phase. Investing

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