Free advice

“You know what, this is not the right track, try this other route, you will reach faster”

“Stop this medication and visit Dr. XYZ”

“Are you sure you want to invest in that? I think you should invest in ABC”

How many times have we heard these above statements and sighed in frustration? Well, that is free advice for you. Given when not asked for, offered without consideration to the other person. And well, sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all. Agreed, the person might be talking out of concern or with the genuine intention of helping, but we are not ready for it yet. What do we do?

It is alright if it was related to the small stuff, but imagine someone giving free advice on money matters? And if you were to follow through with their words. Now that would be dangerous and leave you in hot soup. And anything free comes with a tagline “They are just saying it” “don’t take it seriously”. So, think smart, and act wise, and know when to take and when to reject “Free advice”.

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