For every dream, there must be a plan.

When you sit down and calculate how much money you will need after a decade to send your young daughter to study overseas, the realization dawns on you that a wide gap exists between want and have. What you can earn and save is significantly lower than what you will need. Think of the retired life you fancied for yourself and the need to sustain that lifestyle for two decades after you stop working. The numbers may well numb you. What should you be doing? A random fear gets generated on the prospect of falling interest rates. Now, things look really worrying. Worries should find the right solutions. Answers must be sought. Merely staying with worries is not an option. Where can one find answers? The right answers can be found in financial planning. There is no better way. Making a plan work is more important than merely making a plan. This can be done only by finding the right planner, making a realistic plan, working to the plan and reviewing progress at regular intervals. Your planner must have skin in the game. How prepared are you to adopt more finite wealth creation strategies?  A random survey of investors shows that most people aren’t really prepared mentally. They either postpone planning or hope that their real estate assets will deliver on all their goals. When you are betting on a One-trick pony, you can’t ignore the “What if it doesn’t work?” question. After all, it involves the future of you and your loved ones.

“The challenge in life is knowing what’s next” – Walter Schloss.

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