Fear of missing out (FOMO) drives greed in every investor. In turn, greed pushes you to replicate trending behaviour and go beyond your comfort zone. But not all FOMO is bad. The market tends to look at such fear with a negative lens.

The focus for you as an investor should be to get that fear to tactically work in your favour. Why get caught with the crowd when you can spot opportunities where the crowd is yet to make a mark? The market has a lot of opportunities, and all you need to do is channel your investment attention.

A good way to get FOMO to work for you is to clearly spot ideas. Investing requires you to constantly be on your toes to study and evaluate investment ideas. The goal is simple – to understand the level of risk you can take and to get rewarded for taking that risk.

If everything aligns, direct your FOMO factor to create investments for the future.

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