Election Fever Begins

Elections Investment

Election fever is just about to begin. This election is probably unique for its competitive intensity. On one side, we have a strong coalition with a clear leader. On the other, there is a strong opposition of divided forces to that leader. While the impact of a united opposition could be significant, the leaders who are key to that initiative are not keen to accept one among them as a leader. In the absence of a visible, acceptable face in the opposition, the people are going to vote either for continuity or chaos.


This unfortunate situation is not new. 2004 saw a similar situation. But then, the Congress had a stronger leader with visibly greater public acceptability. So, despite not putting up a direct pre poll candidate for prime minister ship, the Congress leadership was able to convince the Indian voters in 2004 for an urgent need of regime change.


It is this line that is being reworked in this high decibel electoral battle. But, the forces fighting this battle are finding it difficult to convince undecided voters on the urgency for change. But, the last word in any electoral battle is not said until it is over.


And so, we are going to see several pulsating electoral battles playing out alongside the exciting cricket carnival, the IPL. Evidently, the markets and the media will not be found wanting in raising the excitement quotient during the uncertain days of the campaign. So, we shall see swings, unexpected strength and strong flows changing the entire mood of the market.


Election fever is very much here and the market is getting ready to be gripped by it.

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