The cryptocurrency craze that took winds a few years ago has now turned into a storm. Without much legitimacy beyond trading, this is almost becoming something between an asset class and a default currency to an entire generation of investors.

The merit of this movement and the future of the instrument remain untested. But, in an era where people believe in endless possibilities, creatively reimagining investing is a reality.

Young people who want to only do cool things have turned this into a rage. We don’t really spend too much time thinking who contributed to the earlier rages, tulip mania being the most prominent. But the very mention of that can get a whole lot of people outraging.

To a generation of investors, bitcoin is a religion, growing in clout, rabidity, and irreverent to reason. Social media can do social good and bad. Bitcoin will be it’s biggest test and what happens to bitcoin may well shape up our approach towards it.

Meanwhile, the world is only getting towards an obsessive high. What started as a disrupting trend has now become distracting oddity of our times. But, we never know the future in the present, do we?

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