Curb Greed

Greed has a unique character. It creates great outcomes and then destroys whatever it creates. So, we tend to see its creative potential when we apply it at the right time. We also cant escape viewing its destructive side when we get greedy at the wrong time. Yet, most investing happens exactly around the time when we run the risk of destruction. Investors tend to dump all their money just around that time when they should think of staggering their decisions and showing patience. Greed and patience have the capacity to work perfectly in tandem. But, when greed and impatience combine, the result would be destructive to your investing. Investors must realize that greed needs to be matched by patience. When it is the wrong time, your patience needs to curb your greed. Uncontrolled greed will always end up destroying everything. The markets are at the crossroads where one needs to evaluate the serious need to curb greed. If one needs to achieve that, he needs to show enormous patience. Peers will be doing crazy things. The activity all around would be very high. To be calm and watching the madness is never easy. But, any experienced investor will tell you that there is no other way to beat the markets and make your investment strategy a winning  one. So, it is that time when patience must be controlling greed. And, the mind must sit still thinking calmly about the future. The world looks up to Warren Buffett for his enormous wealth creation. It is that time when one should learn the art of waiting from him. There simply cant be a better way of paying a tribute to the great investor.

Greed, in the end, fails even the greedy. – Cathryn Louis

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