When you are at crossroads in decision making, where do you seek counsel to take the right direction?

We seem to be in a time when people have multiple choices for products, assets, and risks. The last 18 months have rewarded risk-taking like never before. It is only natural that our decision-making is more aligned towards continuing to take more risks. Crossroads give us conservative options and also shows us high-risk trades. They point us towards loss-making companies that are fancied and also gives us the option of sticking to what we are doing right now.

It is time to choose amongst them. Many of us are still not sure of the road to take. We are not clear on how to make that choice. When in confusion, common sense can be very effective.

Where does common sense lead us now? It leads us to a place that needs to be safer. It leads us to a place less prone to financial accidents and more aligned towards conservative investment decisions. Whatever we do, we must allow our common sense to guide us towards decisions. While it is very expedient to think that we need to chase higher returns even now, allowing common sense to decide for us will certainly keep us away from taking excessive risks.

Nothing can be more important than common sense in investment decision-making right now.

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