Have you ever tended to a garden? As a gardener, you would ensure that your plants get enough sunlight, water, and nutrition. But, there is an inherent expectation that your garden will flourish.

Imagine you received a handful of seeds. You were told that these seeds would eventually grow into plants that could be almost 100 feet in height. Thrilled by this possibility, you dedicate a section of your garden to these “magical seeds”. You take great efforts to make sure that the growth conditions are just right.

You eagerly await results but notice no change in the first few months. Before you know it, the months have rolled into a year and that patch looks as bare as before. You begin to worry and doubt yourself. Two years fly by, then three, then four. By this time, you’ve moved on to growing other plants and have completely lost hope. Yet, you religiously tend to your barren patch of land.

During the fifth year, you observe small shoots. Startled and confused, you watch the space closely. Believe it or not, within a matter of six weeks, your tiny shoots have sprouted to 90 feet in height!

This is the story of Chinese Bamboo. The truth is those seeds didn’t grow in six weeks. The plant built strength by developing strong roots that could support its growth. Five years of preparation went into it.

Money works much the same way. Neglecting your investments when they are growing will hamper growth. Investments take time to flourish and require preparation. Smarten money by being persistent and patient. Partner with the right people to make sure that your investments get the attention and care they deserve.

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