Budget blues begin.

The budget has long been rendered redundant. The very fact that governments successively and successfully worked around the budget to meet their political objectives killed the very idea of the budget. This has effectively turned the budget more into an economically packaged, political speech. This budget needs to move beyond this narrow narrative. To give targets and stick to them in letter and spirit is the purpose of a good budget. This budget should walk the talk. Targets must be realistic. When we set doable goals, we must ensure we reach them. Constantly reviewing our economic goals and keeping politics out of the process will lead to governance. A good budget will at best be a proof of concept exercise. If he presented an interesting concept of a development model and gives visibility of where the money will come from, we shall rise and applaud. The stock market will remain illogical and its reactions during budget days are best ignored. Sanity comes slowly to investors.

The ability to think clearly in the investment field without the emotions that are attached to it is not an easy undertaking. – Walter Schloss.

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