Borrowing to spend

We still want to own our own home but we don’t have the money needed. So, what do we do? Borrow from the bank or from our parents. And then, we spend our lives working, rather than toiling away trying to repay the dues. But then, is it worth having a home of our own at such an expense? Now, that is something not many think about. We, humans, have a tendency to jump into the pool and then worry about not knowing swimming.

Agreed, it is fun to have things we long for and to live comfortably, but borrowing to spend is just not the right approach. If only it were as simple as walking across the hallway to the neighbor’s house asking for a cup of sugar or some coffee powder. Would you ask them for a few thousand because you have your eyes set on that Swatch Watch or Hyundai i10? That would be crossing the limits. Sit back, let the money accumulate in the kitty, and then you can go dip into it.

Today, we notice a change in behaviors. People don’t boast of how much they have borrowed; they are more proud of how much they have paid off. Anti-bank propaganda has hit home. If you are not borrowing you are not giving them the business. And this, in turn, means fewer worries and more happiness. You also know you can go to bed with a smile, knowing there are no evil loan devils knocking on your door the next morning.

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