Bet On Growth.

“Success is 20% Skills and 80% strategy.”- Jim Rohn

Quick Edit: America’s QE is not just the world’s worry. It is the uncertainty that the world is trying to decipher. What will happen when QE ends? Doomsayers like to believe that QE will take US growth down with it. The proverbial optimists think it won’t count for much. Stock markets around the world have lived out the anxiety for as long as one can remember. When you worry for too long about something, one has learn’t to handle anxiety effectively. So, when the event happens, it may hardly matter. Events surrounding the QE withdrawal seem to suggest a sense of weathered emotions that don’t matter anymore. QE’s withdrawal could affect America. But, its impact of the world may not be as profound as we believed a while ago. The world is well prepared. India is handling her own issues quite effectively. India’s own QE is almost done with. Now, we prepare for growth. Our stock markets seem to know it.

Investment Strategy: Buy Value now. Profit from growth.

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