Beating the markets. – The ithought way.

At beginning of the year, NIFTY was at 4636. Today it is at 5664, up by nearly 22%. During this period we helped people turn around their existing mutual fund portfolios. If the indices rule higher, there is no need to worry. We can always sell unproductive funds and release cash. This cash can be redeployed in quality funds when the markets fall. We did just that for our clients and brought quality to their investing. Next , we  systematically scaled up their books and they started outperforming the nifty. Opportunity lies in buying when the market is not expensive. Our expertise lies in identifying these opportunities.
Even today, there are funds that are not expensive. Yet, the markets could well correct in the near future. This would be another great opportunity for you to exit unproductive investments and build a productive book that will outperform the market in the upcoming Bull Run.
We have had only 3 Bull Runs since 1990. Missing an opportunity to invest for the upcoming Bull Run would leave us behind by many years. Opportunity has presented itself to us, and  we feel an urgent need to cease this opportunity now.  Even starting with small and regular investments in a disciplined manner will help you create a substantial amount over a long period of time.

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