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Great Expectations

Expectations of a stimulus are running high. The wishlist is long. People are adding their own tail to the already extended list. A drop in GST for automobiles, cheaper loans, more aggressive scrappage policy (for automobiles), waiver of super-rich tax, relief for FPIs, the abolition of LTCG, and many more.…

Demystifying Insurance

What is Insurance?  Insurance is a way of protecting your financial interests. Anything of value can be insured. So, your life, health, and assets can be insured. Assets could range from property, to vehicles, to art, etc. This is what happens when you enter into an insurance contract:  Premiums are more affordable than paying…


Clear The Air

The week closed on an expectant note. The market expects the government to do effective damage control. The expectations are centered around clear action points. FPI concerns need to be addressed credibly. The NBFC crisis needs a resolution of liquidity issues. The reserve bank must decisively lower interest rates. Banks…


Act on Opportunity

The market is showing a palpable despondency. The cause is being overtly attributed to the sentiment related to tax law changes and treatment of the FPIs and the super-rich. This premise is more of an excuse. Investing is a function of attractiveness of valuations and lure of growth. The fact…


Mission 2.0 Begins

The budget speech had long ceased to be a game changer in markets. Budgets mostly tell the story in numbers. The speech always provides optics and can at times be excruciatingly number heavy. And, the numbers are rarely complied with by the time the year ends. The story of every…

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