We are a customer-centric organization dedicated towards helping you meet your wealth creation objectives. We take our fiduciary responsibility as a SEBI registered investment advisor very seriously. We value transparency, integrity, and discipline when it comes to developing investment advice. Towards this end, we are committed to running a fee only practice. Our evolving investment process focusses on delivering sustainable long-term returns. We are methodical and steadfast in our approach. Each investment advice is backed by solid research, conviction, and is customized to suit your profile.

The three pillars of making sound financial decisions are knowledge, time, and preparation. A sound process comes from deeply understanding the options available to you, having enough time to review, monitor, and execute investment decisions. In the end, the objective is for you to make informed decisions that are aligned with your interests. Today, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting financial products. It can often be time consuming or even overwhelming to identify what is best for you. Prioritization can be a challenge.

At ithought, we let you focus on what matters to you, while we cut the clutter to provide customized solutions for your financial needs.


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