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To a competent contrarian financial advisor investing is an art and a science. It requires an investment plan supported by a vast knowledge base and a keen sense of judgment. As a contrarian financial advisor, we believe that value investing helps capture emerging trends within the investment universe. Value investing creates space for a contrarian financial advisor to take advantage of investment opportunities. Every financial advisor at ithought is respectful of the investor’s investment plan. Each financial advisor is meticulous and follows a research-based approach to value investing and risk management.

We are contrarian and risk management forms the core of every investment plan. As your financial advisor, what matters to you matters to us. The investment plan enables risk management. Value investing delivers on long-term returns by simultaneously protecting and nurturing investments. Value investing is an inbuilt risk mitigation strategy – it limits the downside and makes the most of the upside. An investment plan may take time to translate into reality and as a financial advisor the best way to approach this is to stick to the investment plan, be contrarian, and focus on risk management.

Value investing recognizes that the market often ignores potential until it materializes. By being contrarian returns could be above average and risk management more effective. ithought as a financial advisor chooses to be contrarian and rely on value investing. We explore untapped areas of the market to deliver a premium investment plan. As a contrarian financial advisor, we must swim against the tide of prevalent ideas and narrow down on an investment plan that is strong in risk management. Being a financial advisor warrants abundant caution in our contrarian calls. Contrarian ideas are backed by facts, conviction, research, and risk management tools. Every financial advisor on our team works with bold contrarian ideas in a responsible manner.

An established financial advisor, we cater to diverse clientele across the globe. We make a sincere effort at creating an investment plan that reflects a client’s aspirations, commitments, and requirements. The investment plan enables us to become partners with our clients. The investment plan also empowers clients to be contrarian and focus on the long-term. Value investing is the foundation of every investment plan. The investment plan identifies entry and exit points in line with risk management objectives.

A decade of being a contrarian financial advisor has taught us that wealth creation is a marathon and not a sprint. Our fee only structure reiterates our commitment to transparent remuneration for a financial advisor. We commit to handling every investment plan with care through regular review and close monitoring.

When you choose ithought, you not only choose a contrarian financial advisor, but also a relationship.

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