What Differentiates Us

To us, investing is both an art and a science. It requires a vast knowledge base, keen sense of judgment, and disciplined actions. We believe in capturing emerging ideas and themes within the investment universe to make the most of investment opportunities. Our team of qualified professionals can offer quality advice. We offer responsible financial advice by meticulously following a methodical process-driven, research-based approach to investing. Our trusted advisors are committed to handling your investments with attention and care. This entails regular review, close monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of your investments.

Risk management forms the core of our investment strategy, because what matters to you matters to us. Through managing risk and delivering returns, we strike the right balance by simultaneously protecting and nurturing your investments. Our fee only structure reiterates our commitment to transparent remuneration.

Our investment solutions are supported by the principles of value investing. We continuously track them to identify entries and exits into and from our investment ideas. Valuations are inherently a risk mitigation mechanism – it allows us to cap the downside and make the most of the upside. We acknowledge that ideas may take time to translate into reality and believe that the best way to approach investing is to look at the larger picture in the long run. From experience, we know that investing is a marathon and not a sprint.

The market often ignores potential until it materializes. By only following current trends in investing, returns may be average and risks may be elevated. We choose to be different so that we can explore untapped areas of the market to deliver a premium investment experience. This warrants swimming against the tide of prevalent ideas and narrowing down on options oriented towards future performance. We specialize in taking contrarian calls. As your advisors, we are abundantly cautious and ensure that all our investment ideas are always backed by facts, conviction, and solid research. While we are not afraid to be bold we pride ourselves in being responsible.

We cater to diverse clientele across the globe. We make a sincere effort to understand your aspirations, commitments, and requirements before handling your investments. We see ourselves as partners in your wealth creation journey and are prepared to stay the course. When you choose ithought, you not only choose an advisor, but also a relationship.

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