Sindhu Bose

The need for self-evaluation is vital when determining whether to hire a financial advisor or not. In my case, it was a bit late. 30 years of work-life in the Middle East, I always had a habit of regular savings, but the selection of the investments was largely based on emotional compulsions from known people around.  A wish for early retirement to pursue my passion (more engagement with pets, vegetable farming etc.) made me think seriously about professional help for managing my investment both for wealth creation and regular retirement income. Fortunately, I reached to the right place ‘ithought Advisory’; they are truly fiduciary, transparent, incredibly resourceful and understands our financial needs. They always provide you with a solution rather than just suggestions. ithought team is someone who keeps up with all available market opportunities and never hesitates to suggest a good investment opportunity, even if it is outside the standard scheme. I can comfortably talk to them, share my concerns and seek advises even on small financial doubts/queries. Today I am confident, I can take an early retirement but my investment will never retire.

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