About little over one year ago, when I was hesitant to trust any investment & wealth creation firms due to the fact that they all would recommend me to invest my money in the mutual funds, where they would get the maximum commission for, and would not actually work in their clients’ interest. But when I read about the past records of ithought, and especially their advisory model, I instantly decided to go with ithought. And now having been with ithought since October last year, I have a deep sense of satisfaction that ithought has lived up to its  reputation with truly professional service to me as a client, working in my best interest, proactively connecting with me to advise on best investment avenues at different time, to review my portfolio whether it’s on track or not with respect to the financial plan.

I am thankful that my decision to go with ithought has come out good and I would recommend ithought to all new investors to actually not deny themselves of ithought, who are the hallmark of professional wealth creation with integrity and who fully understand live the fact that they can go grow, only when their clients’ wealth grows.

Thank you, Gaurav. And as I had mentioned during the call, I really appreciate the professionalism shown by you both while dealing with the client, me. You both have been highly responsive, interested in customer’s wealth creation, and are always available, very polite also. This puts up a good impression of ithought. Thank you for applying for your expertise for my wealth creation. Keep going strong, ithought, and keep raising the bar of professionalism and true interest in clients’ wealth creation!”

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