“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” ~Don Marquis

The calendar on the wall is staring at me- there are Red marks against a day, that is less than 24hrs away. I know I should finish the pending task, and that it was are crucial, else I could be in hot soup. It was 31st March, the date to file my taxes. Every day I login to the website, but put it off for later. I have all the details I need and yet I stall. I don’t want to pay the amount reflecting on the calculator as tax. I wish I had listened to my friend and made some investments.. The next morning arises; I once again stare at my laptop and wonder where to start. In this manner, I seem to while away all the time till 31st march threatens to fly out through the window.

Oh gosh, what stress. Why dint I just stick to my plan and finish it ahead of time? Hmm, it was probably because it was something serious and not fun. Agreed, I enjoyed it but still something made me put it off till last minute. Felt like I was back in School, those last minute rushes, the panic and chaos.

I realised we never procrastinate about fun! (Aha! Maybe this was the cure to procrastination? Yes, it could!) How often do you say “Ah, I have to watch TV, but I don’t feel like it right now? I’ll go do some accounting first.”? Wait, don’t tell me! I’ll practice my psychic powers. ………got it! The answer you’re thinking is… “never”! (Spooky, isn’t it?)

How about trying to change our attitude towards this whole thing? Procrastination is no fun, it just makes us lazy and go crazy…

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