Trusts bear a fiduciary responsibility in protecting the interest of another party. Trusts may vary from one another in terms of their objectives, requirements, and approach to wealth management. We specialize in understanding the core principles and needs of a trust to design customized policies.

A financial policy will help fulfil responsibilities by creating guidelines, establishing investment principles, and measuring operating metrics consistently. A robust policy lays the foundation for investment decisions and allows for wiser allocation of capital. When we draft policies, risk management is achieved by rebalancing asset allocation, identifying suitable investment avenues, protecting and productively deploying capital.


High Net Worth Individuals

As wealth creation objectives are met, new needs and challenges surface. Investments are often spread across various asset classes and managed by a host of brokers, wealth managers, and advisors. This makes it cumbersome to track and monitor the performance of investment decisions. Investors are likely to explore less conventional avenues to invest their money in. As clients move to more bespoke financial products, careful and objective evaluation of potential, associated risk, and costs is necessary. Aspirations are also likely to evolve – building a legacy or managing an estate demands a different approach altogether.

Organising the financial affairs of high net worth individuals requires cross-disciplinary competence. We are equipped to handle the demands of advising a multi-family office. We view ourselves as partners in your investment journey. We can assist in reviewing, analysing, and consolidating assets. We also design specific policies and render advice to enable you to meet your wealth creation objectives.

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