Market Wrap


Walk the Talk

The markets are continuously becoming increasingly divided on valuations. Expensive stocks are quickly becoming very expensive. Cheap stocks trade cheaper with every passing day. This dichotomy is furthering more investors to believe in and own only popular stocks. Fund managers are also riding the wave of success delivered by a handful of overvalued stocks. The principles of…


Anticipate Revival

Post budget, everybody expected the markets to correct further. A week after the budget, most people are revisiting their market expectations. This is hardly surprising. Making and unmaking our expectations is a recurring exercise. Investor interest in equity seems to be sustaining, though most investors aren’t sure whether they must…

Look Around You

The UK election results are out, proclaiming Boris Johnson’s conservative party as the victor. This victory indicates a strong pro-Brexit sentiment amongst voters. But Britain’s divorce from the EU is riddled with complexities. For instance, Scotland may seek an independence referendum again. Theresa May’s efforts earlier this year are a…

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